Enjoy San Jose! Fun Ideas and Activities for Seniors to Try This Spring

Enjoy San Jose! Fun Ideas and Activities for Seniors to Try This Spring
March 29, 2020

10% of the population in San Jose are seniors. And a brilliant way for everyone to get together is by trying activities and meeting people.

Stumped on a list of activities for seniors? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few of our favorites.

Why Activities for Seniors Are Important?

Studies show that senior activities are essential as they reap many benefits. For example, social activities keep you sharp and engaged which helps prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Activities also keep seniors in San Jose physical which will encourage them to follow a healthier diet. Keeping a strong social circle also improves your quality of life and minimizes daily stress.

The Best Activities For Seniors

There are many San Jose spring activities to try. For example:

1. Yoga

Group exercises are a fun way to improve flexibility and balance. A study looked at how effective yoga was on managing osteoarthritis in elderly women and found it offered therapeutic benefits.

Yoga also helps relieve pain, joint stress, imbalance, and other physical limitations. San Jose senior living at Sonnet Hill offers group classes so residents can stay active and socialize with other residents.

2. Going For Walks

Another one of the best San Jose activities is going for garden walks in the morning.

Sonnet Hill has quaint courtyards and inviting walking paths so residents can stay active, catch up with friends, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

3. Movie Time

Watching movies is an important activity for seniors.

A study showed that after re-watching Showboat (1951), those with dementia came away with higher spirits and a greater attention span that lasted well after the movie. They also engaged more with staff and peers more than usual.

Movie Time is a brilliant way for seniors to bond over their all-time favorites and reminisce about them.

4. Read

Sonnet Hall understands the importance of reading. Books let seniors share their opinions while keeping them mentally alert and in touch with the world.

At the Library Nook, there are cozy corners where residents can curl up with a book for the afternoon and harness the power of their imagination.

5. Arts and Crafts

Engaging in artistic activities has many benefits. For instance, they improve cognition, boost self-esteem, and make residents feel more relaxed.

Sonnet Hill offers various art-based activities such as watercolor classes where residents can socialize and express themselves. Another benefit is that modifications can be made so seniors residents with certain physical limitations can still engage with their favorite activities.

Scrapbooking is another fun activity for senior residents. It lets residents commit the best memories to the paper which can then be shared with other family members.

6. Karaoke

Sonnet Hill lets residents belt out their favorite karaoke songs at the Sonnet Studio.

Performing karaoke stimulates the brain as you have to follow the rhythm, melody, and lyrics to the song. Singing also releases endorphins so senior residents can enjoy a session with friends while showcasing their talent.

7. Massages

There are many benefits when offering massage therapy for seniors. For instance, it helps ease joint and muscle pain and relieves stress tied to aging.

Massage techniques include lighter, gentle stroking that leads to specific points on the body. Studies show massages improve blood circulation which is one of the more vulnerable systems the body feels when aging.

Sonnet Hill offers massages to our residents to ensure they’re fully relaxed and they leave in high spirits.

8. Gardening

A significant way to improve your dexterity this spring is by working your green thumb.

Gardening involves your hands or gardening tools to cultivate your garden. Residents can get a planter box, nutrient-rich soil, and flowers.

First, dig small holes and place the plants into them. It’s important to keep enough distance between each one so they can fully grow. Once they’re all planted, fill the rest of the planter box with soil and pat it down.

Senior residents can also decorate the outside of the box with chalk paint to make it truly unique.

9. Play Board Games

Playing traditional games is a superb way to socialize, get nostalgic, and while away an afternoon. There are also many games that challenge the mind, such as a jigsaw puzzle.

Working on puzzles keeps the mind sharp and alert, whether you’re doing it alone or with friends. Senior residents can also play the ‘Reminiscing Game’ which challenges the memory with nostalgic questions or Trivia games about pop culture.

10. Evening Meditation

Built-up stress and anxiety can overwhelm your life, resulting in chronic fatigue, recurring illnesses, and headaches.

For seniors, the mind-body connection is crucial to maintaining good health as aging reduces your immune system’s ability to ward off infection and disease.

But, you can strengthen this relationship is through evening meditation. Sonnet Hill understands the importance of meditation and hosts evening meditation classes so residents have a quiet place to relax.

There is a wealth of benefits to meditation. For instance, delaying Alzheimer’s, reducing blood pressure and decreasing stress-related diseases (e.g. hypertension).

Those Are Our Favorite Activities for Seniors

At Sonnet Hil, we offer a variety of fun activities for senior in San Jose so they maintain physically and mentally healthy lives.

There are many low-impact activities like watercolor classes and guided walks to keep residents entertained with their friends.

We care about every resident’s well-being so we will strive to make sure residents have everything they need for a fulfilling life.

Does your family member need assistant living? If so, we’re here to chat. Contact us here for more information.

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