What Is a Senior Living Community? 11 Common Misconceptions

What Is a Senior Living Community? 11 Common Misconceptions
March 5, 2020

Are you wondering what is a senior living community or what life would be like living in one? Many people think that senior living communities and nursing homes are the same things.

However, while there may be optional access to full-time medical care in a senior living community, health issues are not always the primary reasons people choose to move there. Many people in senior living communities live full, active lives. They turn to these types of communities for the social opportunities they bring as well as to relieve safety concerns they may have.

There are other misconceptions about senior living communities. Before we discuss what they are, let’s define what it is true.

What is a Senior Living Community?

A senior living community is a community that requires you to be of a certain age in order to move in. The minimum age can vary from community to community. Seniors can choose to live independently, with healthcare assistance, or a mix of both.

Common Misconceptions

The following is a list of common misconceptions about senior living communities and why these descriptions are inaccurate. Senior living communities aren’t much different than living in your own place elsewhere but they can make life simpler and offer additional experiences to an already full life.

Misconception #1. Your Cost of Living Will Go Up

When comparing the cost of living in your current place and moving into a senior living community, it is important to consider all the expenses you currently pay versus what is included in the cost of living in the community. In the community, you will no longer pay property taxes, pay for appliances when they break down, or for your food.

You may be surprised to find living in the community can save you money. You may also find that even if the community is a little more expensive, it is worth giving up the worry and work in maintaining your home and landscaping.

Misconception #2. You’ll Lose Your Independence

You can be as independent as you want to be and are able to be in a senior living community. Assistance is always available but it can be fully individualized to your specific needs and desires. Those needs and desires can change over time and the level of assistance you need can fluctuate as needed.

Misconception #3. You Won’t Be Able to Individualize Your Space

It’s true that you won’t be able to remodel the interior of your senior living apartment, but there are many opportunities to individualize your space. You can bring in all your favorite decorations, artwork, and furniture to make your space your own. Feel free to fill your space with all the things you love.

Misconception #4. Friends and Family Won’t Be Able to Visit Often

Your space in the community is your own to entertain in. You can invite your friends and family over to visit as often as you like.

Misconception #5. The Food Will Be Boring

According to a study about the eating habits of seniors, loneliness and social isolation are a prominent factor in senior anorexia. Both of these factors are mitigated when seniors choose to have their meals in community dining rooms.

Food offerings are planned using evolving menus with plenty of offerings of fresh choices daily to enjoy to keep your palate satisfied. This built-in variety will help ensure access to healthy options to fuel an active lifestyle.

Misconception #6. You Won’t Have Any Privacy

When you move into a senior living community, you get to choose your own private apartment to live in. This space is yours to spend time in as you please.

You can spend as much time there enjoying private time by yourself. You can also invite guests in to visit or invite staff in to assist you. You will be in control as to who enters your space and how often.

Misconception #7. Only Old, Feeble People Live There

It’s true, you normally have to be at least a certain age to move into a senior living community. However, these days people live longer, healthier lives and remain active later into their life. Moving into a senior living community for many is a choice to simplify their life so they have more time to do the things they enjoy most.

Misconception #8. You Won’t Be Able to Do All the Things You Enjoy

Living in a senior living community does not limit what activities you can do. You can leave the community to pursue your favorite hobbies, leisure activities, and anything else you currently enjoy.

Many find that that there are additional fun activities to enjoy right within the community as well. Communities have classes in different subjects to engage the mind and creativeness, libraries, gardens to walk in, places to gather, and places to find some quiet time.

Misconception #9. You Won’t Stay Active

There is nothing limiting you from doing all the things you currently do to stay active. Additionally, senior living communities offer fitness classes of various types and access to gym machines. You can also take walks in the garden and the local community to enjoy all there is to offer.

Misconception #10. You Won’t Be Safe

In a senior living community, seniors have access to around-the-clock staff and trained, fully-licensed nurses to help keep them safe. Unlike when seniors live at home on their own or with their adult children who work outside the home, there is always someone nearby to call on when needed.

Misconception #11. You’ll Feel Institutionalized

The only thing senior living communities have in common with a hospital is access to healthcare when necessary. The community aesthetics are inviting, cozy and comfortable rather than cold and smelling of disinfectant.

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