Dignity & Freedom in Our Community

Dignity & Freedom in Our Community
October 16, 2023
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Sonnet Hill Senior Living in San Jose is a boutique senior community in the heart of Silicon Valley.  Our personalized programming is designed to be fulfilling and inclusive.  Our Residents enjoy a range of activities that are stimulating, encouraging and challenging.

community at Sonnet Hill To reduce the stigma of “Memory Care” or “Dementia” our programming allows for co-mingling of our Memory Care and Assisted Living Residents.  Often our more independent Assisted Living Residents will eventually require moving to a Memory Care apartment on their senior living journey.  This provides for an easier transition to a new living space when they recognize a familiar face from past activities such as a BBQ event, an offsite outing or crafting workshop.  The reverse allows our Memory Care Residents the dignity and freedom to participate to establish new bonds with others in their Community.

Vibrant programming at Sonnet Hill Senior Living embraces The Poetry of Aging where there is no right or wrong way to be yourself.  Integrative recreation allows our Residents the need to have access to services and connections beyond the walls of their home: Friendship.

Our community

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