Chef’s Challenge: Shared Family Recipes

Chef’s Challenge: Shared Family Recipes
February 11, 2023
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As we continue to stay committed to our residence living a poetic lifestyle, one variable that makes us different from the others are customized and unique culinary experiences we bring. And while the title of this article clearly suggests what we do, we’ve found success in bringing happiness into our dining room with memorable dishes we can share and enjoy together.

Long term memory tends to stay intact as there are enduring memories and emotional attachments of all types, especially flavors. Food nostalgia means experiencing strong emotions in response to certain foods or their smells. The phenomenon, known as the Proust Phenomenon, is caused by the brain’s amygdala and hippocampus working together with the olfactory bulb. And the effects are both powerful and meaningful.

Sonnet Hill Senior Living honors and provokes those long term memories by challenging our Director of Food Services, Chef Joseph, to re-create your family recipes. And when our families share memory inducing recipes with our community, we are able to flex outside of the scheduled menu to create these meals, all while keeping nutrition and nostalgia on top of mind.

If you have a specific recipe or meal that would bring joy into a resident’s life, please share and let us know.

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